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November 8-9, 2022
Online Event

ENDS US 2022 Conference will be online (EST), November 8-9, 2022!

ENDS US provides attendees with actionable considerations to help navigate the varied approaches and new developments that are influencing the electronic nicotine delivery systems industry, impending regulations, and the future of the electronic nicotine delivery systems marketplace in the United States and around the globe.

This leading industry event attracts a wide variety of key players from across the regulatory, testing, and commercial sectors for an independent and objective forum regarding the scientific research, compliance standards, and regulations of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS).

Ioanna Vardakou - British America Tobacco

Ioanna Vardakou

Senior Scientist –  New Categories / New Actives, CPS at British America Tobacco
Sarah Cooney - Consultant

Sarah Cooney

Willie McKinney Ph.D., DABT - McKinney Regulatory Science Advisors, LLC

Willie McKinney Ph.D., DABT

CEO at McKinney Regulatory Science Advisors, LLC
Azim Chowdhury - Keller & Heckman

Azim Chowdhury

Partner at Keller & Heckman
Autumn Bernal, PhD - ToxCreative LLC

Autumn Bernal, PhD

Founder & Principle Toxicologist at ToxCreative LLC

2021 ENDS Workshop Agenda

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Session I: Market Updates + Current Trends
Session II: Understanding the Regulatory Landscape
Session III: Premarket Tobacco Applications: A Helpful Guide
Session IV: ENDS + Efficacy
Closing Remarks
Session V: Tobacco Harm Reduction – Diverging Perspectives
Session VI: The Future of ENDs
Closing Remarks and Farewell

2021 ENDS Workshop Speakers

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Peter Beckett -

Peter Beckett

Co-Founder and Director of Strategy at
Vivienne Tedesco-Ciavarra - Synchrogenix

Vivienne Tedesco-Ciavarra

Regulatory Services Manager at Synchrogenix
Eric Gu - Keller and Heckman

Eric Gu

Associate at Keller and Heckman
Christopher Russell - Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Limited

Christopher Russell

Director at Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Limited
Charles Gardner - INNCO

Charles Gardner

President at INNCO

"A well-organised event with some excellent presentation and opportunities for informal engagement with experts in the field of e-cigarette research as well as those from allied fields." - British American Tobacco