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Session I: The ENDS Industry: Today & The Future
The US ENDS market in 2022 and beyond: ECigIntelligence
Tim Phillips will give an overview of the US vape and novel nicotine market as it continues to evolve, including:
  • Key attributes of the current US market and comparisons to other global markets, the growth in disposables and the impact of a changing regulatory landscape
  • Growth in disposables, the changing types of hardware products in the market, and how consumers and retailers treat these products
  • What role does synthetic nicotine continue to play in the ENDS market in the US, and how will it evolve?
  • Flavours are still an important part of the US market, how has this changed and what is the current position given the limited flavours approved through PMTA to date?
  • Other nicotine products such as nicotine pouches have been growing rapidly in the US, and we expect heated tobacco to launch nationwide shortly - how will consumers use these products, and to what extent will multi-use of various novel nicotine products affect the growth of ENDS products ahead?
  • What does the future hold for this sector? and how will the US market look over the next few years?

Tim Phillips | Managing Director, ECigIntelligence
Panel: Opportunities and Growth as the Industry Moves Forward
The ENDS sector continues to develop and innovate so that it can move into new ventures and opportunities in line with technological and societal changes. This panel looks to explore the views and thoughts of participants for opportunities (and threats) for the sector.
Moderator: Tony Abboud, President, Strategic Government Solutions, Inc. and Executive Director, Vapor Technology Association

  • Tim Phillips, Managing Director, EcigIntelligence
  • Aimee Knight, Toxicology Manager, British American Tobacco
  • Kevin Burd, CEO, Chemular Inc.
  • Martin Steinbauer, Co-Founder, SMOOD
Networking Break
Session II: State Regulations & the Continued Discussion of ENDS & Flavors
Can’t Get There from Here: FDA Steeplechase on ENDS and Flavors
Despite the plain wording and explicit limitations of its Congressional mandate on vaping, FDA’s makeshift approach to the PMTA process has been a shape-shifting chimera. Even the agency’s own friends and leaders lament a punch-drunk progression that staggered from the concealed “Bundling & Bracketing” memo to the intransigent “Fatal Flaw” formula — with delays, post-facto rule shifts, double-talk, and secrecy marking the path. The only certainty throughout has been an incessant and unethical political pressure applied behind the scenes and the result is millions of market denials to 99 percent of applicants and 100 percent of flavors besides tobacco. How can responsible companies ever hope to complete a regulatory steeplechase so lethally rigged? Can the agency muster the integrity to recognize that flavors play an essential role for countless aspiring quitters of cigarettes or will it watch helplessly as black marketeers swamp the space? And what of ordinary consumers counting on their government to provide a reliable, accessible marketplace with the varieties we know can diminish deaths from smoking?
Amanda Wheeler | President, American Vapor Manufacturers Association
ENDS State Regulatory Landscape - PACT Act, Taxes, Licensing, Online Sales and Flavor Restrictions
In this presentation, we will review the regulatory landscape facing ENDS Companies in the U.S. and offer a practical guide for compliance with the myriad of evolving regulations.
Dov Seewald | President & CEO, Seewald Consulting
Session III: Understanding the Regulatory & Current Industry Landscape
What You Should Know About FDA Regulation
Dr. Cecil will briefly discuss the review processes that CTP has followed for the past several years for PMTA reviews.  As part of that discussion, he will share common errors that have resulted in negative order letters.  These will be generic observations across millions of products, but represent the consistent issues seen in many applications.
Todd Cecil | Deputy Director, FDA
PMTAs - Lessons Learned
Abstract and Speaker TBD!
Lunch Break
Presentation/Panel: MDO and Litigation – Overview and Discussion
This panel will start with a presentation by Azim Chowdhury giving a detailed looked at current MDO and litigation updates and discussion points that are important for everyone to be aware of. It will finish out with a look at the current landscape, and an open discussion with the panelists on what should be expected based on the presentation points and more.
Presenter and Moderator: Azim Chowdhury, Partner, Keller & Heckman
  • Patricia Kovacevic, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Consultant, Independent
  • Ben Haas, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP
  • Paul Blair, VP of Government Affairs, Turning Point Brands
More panelists to come!
Azim Chowdhury | Partner, Keller & Heckman
Session IV: Forgotten Smokers & Harm Reduction
Throwing In A Winning Hand: The Public Health Consequences of Weakening the Mechanisms By Which Vaping Displaces Smoking
The best available evidence suggests that substitution of e‑cigarettes for tobacco smoking has the potential to prevent almost all the harm caused by smoking. Increased rates of e‑cigarette use in the population have been shown to be associated with significant increases in rates of smoking cessation at the population level, and adult smokers who use e‑cigarettes are more likely to attempt to quit smoking and more likely to succeed in quitting than smokers who don’t use e‑cigarettes. Yet, despite e-cigarettes’ harm reduction potential and demonstrated efficacy for helping people to quit smoking, around one in five U.S. adult smokers have never used an e-cigarette, and in recent years both the uptake of e‑cigarettes and the decline of smoking prevalence have slowed. Consequently, an opportunity to reduce harm to millions more adult smokers is under threat. This presentation will discuss the public health consequences of e‑cigarette regulatory and policy measures that have weakened or removed factors that historically have been key to smokers’ capabilities, opportunities, and motivation to try and continue vaping in place of smoking. In particular, this presentation will discuss how the substitutability of vaping for smoking, and the associated health gains to adult smokers, are being diminished by:
  • Bans, restrictions, and denials of marketing authorizations for non‑tobacco flavored e‑liquids, which reduce the sensorial/experiential appeal of vaping.
  • Tax increases on the cost of vaping products, which reduce the affordability of vaping and the cost‑saving associated with switching.
  • Exposure to misinformation about e‑cigarettes and misleading coverage of e‑cigarette research studies, which increase smokers’ uncertainty about, and misperceptions of, the relative harms of vaping and smoking.

Christopher Russell, Ph.D | Director, Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Limited
Panel: Expanding Adult Smokers’ Capabilities, Opportunities, and Motivation to Switch to Vaping
This panel will discuss the reasons why approximately 1‑in‑5 U.S. adult smokers have never tried using an e‑cigarette, and what can be done within the current regulatory framework to persuade, incentivize, and support millions more smokers to try vaping in place of smoking. The panel will discuss how best to increase uptake of e‑cigarettes and drive switching among subgroups of smokers who are at the highest and most imminent risk of developing or dying from smoking‑related diseases, and how best to divert young adult smokers out of smoking before smoking‑related harm has accumulated. Lastly, the panel will discuss how a mass migration from smoking to vaping among adults can be facilitated and impeded by the vaping industry, individual vapers and consumer/trade organizations, the FDA, NGOs, and researchers.

Moderator: Christopher Russell, Ph.D., Director, Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Ltd.

More panelists to come!
Christopher Russell, Ph.D | Director, Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Limited
Closing Remarks
Session V: Communicating Controversial Science
Publishing Overview - What the Industry Needs to Know About Science Journals and How They Work
Manuscripts in peer-reviewed scientific journals are viewed as the currency of scientific credibility because the content has been reviewed by independent experts in the field. They can form the scientific foundation for other types of scientific communication in a variety of sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry. Some tobacco companies have taken a similar approach with their reduced risk nicotine products (ENDS, heated tobacco and oral products), with hundreds of manuscripts published in a range of well-respected journals over the past decade. These companies recognised the need to break with an ‘ugly’ past and the critical importance of sharing their data openly with interested stakeholders. Peer-reviewed journals provide a well established mechanism to do so. The process of getting a manuscript prepared and published can be pretty daunting, especially for those in small companies. This talk will set the scene of the massive journal publishing industry, explain the editorial processes, and provide some insights on how to get your work published.
Sarah Cooney | Director, Cooney Scientific Ltd.
Fireside Chat:Communicating Controversial Science – Considerations For Getting Your Work Published
This conversation will be a deeper discussion about the challenges facing controversial industries such as the nicotine and tobacco sector in getting their high-quality work published in the literature. It will touch on research integrity and ethics, and experts will provide some thoughts and advice on how to interact with journals to improve your chances of getting your work published. 

  • Paul Trevorrow, Publisher Life Sciences, John Wiley & Sons
  • Mohamadi Sarkar, Fellow, Altria Client Services 
  • Rachel Ashton, Freelance Scientific Editor and Writer
  • Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, Physician and Public Health Scientist, Brown University’s Schools of Public Health and Medicine, and Associate Director, Legoretta Cancer Center

Networking Break
Session VI: Effective Communication & Understanding The Consumer Perception
Panel: Getting into the Mind of the Consumer
This panel will start with a presentation given by Danielle Jones from CASAA, giving an overview of understanding the consumer and their perception. Then, we will open into a panel discussion diving into the thoughts behind what the consumer is thinking involving ENDS, who are the true influencers, and how best to connect with them.

Presenter: Danielle Jones, Head of the Board, CASAA
  • Danielle Jones, Head of the Board, CASAA
  • Cheryl Olson, Owner, Cheryl K. Olson Sc.D, LLC
  • Nick “Grimm” Green, Consumer THR Advocate and YouTube Personality
  • Annie Kleykamp, Owner, BAK and Associates, LLC
Session VII: Envisioning The Future of the Industry
The Harm Reduction Potential of Modern Oral Nicotine Products
Modern oral nicotine products are now the fastest growing category of nicotine products in the US. What's driving the growth of this category, and where are these consumers coming from? This talk will explore how modern oral products serve as an important tool for reducing the harm of tobacco products, and what LUCY has learned from its customers in this emerging market.
Samy Hamdouche | Founder, Lucy Goods
ENDS Becoming Licensed Medicinal Products
An emerging trend in the vaping industry is Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems undergoing regulatory submission with the aim of becoming a licensed medicinal product. This will allow a vaping product to be classed as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and enable them to be prescribed as a means for quitting smoking.
This trend is particularly noticeable in the UK, where the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is actively encouraging Marketing Authorisation Applications (MAA) for Nicotine Containing Products (NCPs).
This presentation will explore the requirements for an ENDS product going through the MAA submission, and how this differs from PMTA requirements. There will also be consideration given to emerging technologies within the vaping industry (such as water based vaping with ultrasonic, piezo or micro-nozzle technologies) and how this may affect the success of an MAA submission.

Pete Lomas | Managing Consultant – Product Realization, Broughton
Closing Remarks and Farewell