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David Thorne - British American Tobacco

David Thorne

Senior Scientist, Pre-Clinical Research at British American Tobacco
Dr. Marina Foltea - Trade Pacts

Dr. Marina Foltea

Founder and Managing Director at Trade Pacts
Dustin Dahlmann - Independent European Vape Alliance

Dustin Dahlmann

President and Co-Founder at Independent European Vape Alliance
Rob de Lange - ACVODA

Rob de Lange

Secretary at ACVODA
Christopher Russell - Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Limited

Christopher Russell

Director at Russell Burnett Research and Consultancy Limited
Clive Bates - Counterfactual Consulting Ltd

Clive Bates

Director at Counterfactual Consulting Ltd
Shane Smith - ExtLe Solutions Ltd

Shane Smith

Managing Director at ExtLe Solutions Ltd
Tao Cui - Innokin

Tao Cui

Director at Innokin
Patricia I. Kovacevic - Regulation Strategy

Patricia I. Kovacevic

Global Legal & Regulatory Strategist at Regulation Strategy
Nigel Quine - Cuts Ice Ltd

Nigel Quine

CEO at Cuts Ice Ltd
Gabriel Barnard - CSUR

Gabriel Barnard

Head of Business Development at CSUR
Stéphane Colard  - CORESTA

Stéphane Colard

Secretary General at CORESTA
Dr. Nveed Chaudhary - Broughton Nicotine Services

Dr. Nveed Chaudhary

Chief Regulatory Officer at Broughton Nicotine Services
Jonathan Ng - RELX International

Jonathan Ng

Global Head of External Affairs at RELX International
Dr. Mark Perkins - Anatune Ltd

Dr. Mark Perkins

Senior Application Chemist & SIFT-MS Specialist at Anatune Ltd
Tryggve Ljung - Swedish Match

Tryggve Ljung

Vice President Scientific Affairs at Swedish Match
Dr Juan Lopez-Belmonte - Cuts Ice Ltd

Dr Juan Lopez-Belmonte

Head of Group Product Stewardship at Cuts Ice Ltd
John Dunne - UK Vaping Industry Association

John Dunne

Director General at UK Vaping Industry Association
Mark Oates - We Vape

Mark Oates

Director at We Vape
Tim Phillips -  ECigIntelligence

Tim Phillips

Managing Director at ECigIntelligence
Weinuo Ao - ECCC The electronic cigarette industry committee of China electronics chamber of commerce

Weinuo Ao

General Secretary at ECCC The electronic cigarette industry committee of China electronics chamber of commerce
Sally McGuigan - Hall Analytical Laboratories Limited

Sally McGuigan

Principal Scientist at Hall Analytical Laboratories Limited
Richard Young - , Bibra toxicology advice & consulting Ltd

Richard Young

Principal Toxicologist and Managing Director at , Bibra toxicology advice & consulting Ltd
Ian Fearon - whatIF? Consulting Limited

Ian Fearon

Consultant at whatIF? Consulting Limited
Sandra Costigan - British American Tobacco

Sandra Costigan

Principal Toxicologist at British American Tobacco