Speaker Interview with Chris Allen

Exclusive Interview with the VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Broughton Nicotine Services

Q. Can you provide a summary of what your presentation will cover at the ENDS Conference in London?

With the PMTA deadline now closer on the horizon in the US, ENDS companies will be considering their plans for 2021 and beyond. PMTA requirements and costs are significant, however so is the potential ROI. Steps can be taken straight away to aid the decision making process and help raise funds. Planning is the key and I’ll be discussing how to select the right team of partners to ensure success.

Q. Why is this topic important at the moment?

The ENDS market within the US is not only significantly large, but also very fragmented. Although some companies have already started to act on the PMTAdeadline, the majority have only just begun drawing up plans. In fact, there is a significant degree of uncertainty as to how to comply with the guidance. This uncertainty, coupled with a tight timescale, poses a challenge for ENDS companies. Those likely to achieve PMTA success will be those who work with the right partners to develop a pro-active and strategic, data-driven approach of rationalisation.

Q. What are the main challenges that the industry is facing and how do you think that this conference can address them?

The key concern for ENDS companies operating in the US market is the FDA’s overall stance on vaping and the challenges associated with completing a successful PMTA. We are very lucky within the UK that the government have taken a pragmatic stance and public bodies such as PHE recognise the relative safety of ENDS, however this is certainly not the case in the US. With this event having presentations around scientific topics such as HPHC and Extractable/Leachable testing, toxicology and regulatory updates, this is an excellent opportunity for companies to gain a deeper understanding of what’s required to enter or remain on the US market.

Q. Why would you recommend the summit to colleagues? Why do you think it’s an important meeting?

I would absolutely recommend this event to others within the industry. Rather than an opportunity for companies to ‘sell their products and services’ the event focuses on sharing information regarding the scientific, regulatory and political landscape with the aim of advancing a ‘smoke free future’.