Flavours, nicotine, taxation & communication - The 4 key issues in the ENDS industry in 2022 & beyond

Exclusive speaker interview with ENDS speaker Jeannie Cameron, CEO of JCIC International

Ahead of her presentation at ENDS 2022, we spoke to Jeannie get insights into both what she sees as the 4 key issues in the ENDS industry in 2022 and looking forward to 2023 and on her presentation 'WHO FCTC framework for ENDS, and what to expect at FCTC COP10 in 2023?'.

Jeannie is set to present at ENDS online on Tuesday 24 May 2022 at 12:30 BST, alongside experts from FDA, Trade Pacts, TaxPayers' Alliance & more.

What do you see as the key issues in the ENDS industry in 2022 and looking forward to 2023?

I believe the 4 key issues will be flavours, nicotine, taxation, and communication

With flavours the main issue is how they are described rather than the actual flavours themselves, but with so many rogue companies not being responsible in their naming and packaging this has become an issue where they could be banned.

Jeannie Cameron - CEO
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With nicotine there are the various limits that are permitted and how each product category is measured. The methodologies for measurement in various products are different and there is confusion among many between contents, emissions, and absorption - we have seen this with the WHO wanting to ban open systems.

The taxation of ENDS is of critical importance to get right so that the products remain available and a viable alternative to cigarettes.

The ability to communicate with consumers is vital to business and if existing avenues of communication are shut down, how do businesses get products effectively into the market and how do consumers know of their existence?

These are all issues at the forefront of current regulatory discussion globally. The 'export' of regulation from one jurisdiction to another in advance of COP10 is of concern as WHO lobbyists advocate narrow interpretations to governments and try to have national laws in place in advance of COP so that many countries can come to the COP showcasing their laws. It is important for the industry to understand the dimension of their business and play a role to shape it.

Ahead of your presentation on 'WHO FCTC framework for ENDS and what to expect at FCTC COP10 in 2023?', could you tell us what issues you think will be raised at COP10 and what the industry should be doing now to prepare?

I think first and foremost the industry needs to be united and sure of what it wants going forward to protect itself from a 'death by a thousand cuts' type of regulatory erosion. Many new business entries to this space are unaware of the regulatory platforms that were laid down around 20 years aho in the global treaty on tobacco control - the FCTC.

It is a multilateral treaty and many of its provisions can have significant impact on business operations going forward, dependent on how things take shape via the negotiations of governments at the regular FCTC COP meetings. COP10 will be very significant for ENDS because COP9 postponed the discussion on these issues.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about at ENDS 2022?

My personal interest at present is nicotine science and I'm really looking forward to hearing the scientists talk about and explain more about the differences between nicotine content, emissions, and absorption and delivery; so that business has a better understanding of how products compare to cigarettes.

There is also the significant issue of nicotine flux emerging from the WHO 8th TobReg Report which is of concern.

I think the whole area of nicotine is of interest and should be of interest to us all as this is the nicotine industry, not just tobacco or pharma or vape - all are in the business of nicotine, in the same way it is the alcohol industry regardless of the product category.

Jeannie will present as part of the Global regulatory updates, regulation, policy and impact session on Tuesday 24 May 2022. Other speakers and presentations in the session include:

  • PMTA review of ENDS products - Ben Apelberg, OS Deputy Director at US FDA
  • TPD3 - likely changes and what it will mean for the industry - Marina Foltea, Founder and MD at Trade Pacts
  • Latest tax legislation and impact on ENDS - John O'Connell, Chief Executive at TaxPayers' Alliance